Man, let's talk about one of the biggest news stories to hit Bismarck in a long time

I remember people first talking about this even before last summer. It was announced that "Coming soon" a new arrival to the Kirkwood Mall, the one and only Chick-Fil-A restaurant. People were foaming from the mouth just thinking about it. Personally, I have never been to one, however, I still remember driving by the one in San Diego and seeing cars wrapped around the building, into the streets, causing traffic jams. Bismarck sat back and patiently watched the progress of the new eatery slowly, methodically erected wing-by-wing ( pun attended )

The date many Bismarck/Mandan residents palates will never forget

December 2nd, 2021. The doors opened for the first time, people were lined up in their cars, waiting. For some it was heaven. Everyone, it seemed behaved well, stayed patient. One such young man was causing quite a stir though, showing no concern for others, his reactions even caused a local police officer to order his mom and dad out of the line they were standing in or over a half hour. Were they arrested and taken to jail?

Alexander somehow made sure he was coming out that day

A very young Alexander was supposed to arrive on the 4th of December you see. According to KX NET "Chantelle Zika had been in the lunch line for 30 minutes when she got the phone call she and her husband Matt had been waiting for.“We were on a will call for an induction that day and I was 2 days away from my due date,” Now how's that for an introduction to planet earth? I'm guessing Alexander could hear better than anyone his new mom-to-be stomach was growling for some Chick-Fil-A. Out he came at 6:08 pm.

A perfect day made complete

Here is the coolest thing about this story, KX NET reported "...Chick-Fil-A made sure to gift Baby Alexander with his first stuffed animal, an Eat More Chicken cow" Yes, by the way, the happy mom and dad got their food from the brand new restaurant after Alexander was born.



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