So, I recently had a chance to interview the man, the myth, the bearded wonder who spreads joy all over the world

No, I'm not talking about one of the members of ZZ TOP. I'm referring to the one and only ( well that can be argued, there may be a few more ) Santa Claus. We are quickly approaching Christmas Eve. Less than two weeks away, and Mr. Claus and his reindeer posse will be airborne. Yesterday I talked to him for about twenty minutes on the phone..

ME "Santa, first of all, thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Busy time of the year I'm guessing?"

SANTA "Sure is. I've been spending much of my time breaking in my new intern, showing her the ropes, and teaching her the proper technique for sitting on my lap"

ME "Oh...Mrs. Claus ok with that?"


SANTA "She's out recruiting more elves"

ME "Gotcha...So are you looking forward to coming out to Bismarck? We have a Chick-fil-A out here now"

SANTA "I heard the line is like 6 hours long, I'll go there in the summer. I'm really looking forward to hearing what the kids in Bismark/Mandan want for Christmas. That's my job you know"

ME "You mean the kids that are good?"

SANTA "They are all good in the heart. I listen to every single wish, and when I am at the mall, I can see how sincere they are just by looking at them"

ME "What's your favorite part about North Dakota?"

SANTA "They are ALL Nice. Go ahead and quote me on that..."North Dakota Nice" "

ME "Gee thanks. Anything you want me to pass on to everybody out here in BisMan?"

SANTA "Be good to your neighbors, and please make sure that your chimney is nice and clean"

ME "What about the North Dakotans like myself that don't have one? You're still stopping by my place?" Right?"


ME "Santa?"


That was about it, I'm pretty sure I was talking to the right Santa Claus. Give him my regards if you run into him at the Kirkwood Mall.


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