It often is truly a tale of two cities with Bismarck/Mandan.  If they was to play characters in the movie Breakfast Club, Bismarck would be the Molly Ringwald to Mandan's Judd Nelson. They like each other but won't ever say it out loud.  If Mandan truly cared for Bismarck they'd whisper this to them in secret....

For the love of God, whatever you do- Don't legalize fireworks!!

Of course Bismarck just thinks Mandan's trying to keep all the fun on the west side of the river.  No sir, Bismarck's missed out for far too long!  It's time to take the temperature of the public!  Mind you, the public has been prohibited from even lighting a punk inside city limits for at least the 19 years I've been here. Not even lighting snakes on the sidewalks!  None of the cardboard tanks, parachute rockets, sparklers, or roman candles. NONE OF IT!  So Bismarck is a little fireworks starved. Sure there's that one time a year on the 4th of July when the Orchestra blows up the Capital grounds.  Recently, the Bismarck Larks have been sending dogs flying under beds with fireworks displays several nights in the summer.

So lately Bismarck's been kicking around the idea of legalizing fireworks.  The Mayor thinks it may be an issue best left to a public vote. A public that has long been sheltered from fireworks around the fourth (because admit it Bismarck you never come to say you'll call but you never do).

So let me chime in having lived in both cities.

If you want to live an entire week surrounded by the sounds of the Allies storming the beach in the opening battle scene of Saving Private Ryan. If you'd like flaming fireworks on your roof and fire spewing fountains blocking your city streets, and smoke hanging as thick as the dope puffing scene from....THE BREAKFAST CLUB! (see how I brought that back!)

So become educated before it comes to a vote. Pay Mandan a visit July 2-4 and take a fun 4th of July for a test drive. Just don't bring bottle rockets. Seriously, they're illegal.


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