We all thought that last little shot of rain was going to be maybe be enough...Look the streets of Williston are flooding!

I've got puddles in my driveway!

Fireworks fans, it's not the same. We got some rain in Mandan/Bismarck, but not enough apparently to sway to good conscious of the Mandan City Commission in determining that conditions-as-they-stand-today, are not friendly enough for an all-out Mandan fireworks assault.  I lived in Mandan for years, I know how the week before the 4th is- it's like personally storming the beach in the open of the movie "Saving Private Ryan".

A Roman Candle for every roof.  Mandan, y'all know how ya do it!

So here's what the Commission had to say...

The City of Mandan has declared a ban on the discharge of fireworks within city limits until further notice due to drought conditions. The Fourth of July fireworks display following the rodeo at Dakota Centennial Park is properly permitted and still authorized. This public display will require a certified pyro technician and firefighters on standby.

At its June 15 meeting, the Mandan City Commission voted to issue the ban. The Mandan Fire Department recommended the City Commission ban fireworks after an assessment of fire fuel, vegetation and weather conditions indicating a very high fire danger.

A violation of Mandan’s fireworks ban is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days’ imprisonment and a maximum of $1,500 in fines. In the event a fire is caused by fireworks, additional charges could result.

 The sale of fireworks in the area is still allowed.

City officials remind residents that open burning is prohibited within city limits. Portable outdoor fireplaces that meet fire code requirements are allowed. For more information, visit cityofmandan.com/news

So, there's that.

Here's what Morton County had to say on June 15th

Morton County is partnering with Grant County to offer a leafy spurge flea beetle field day. The beetles can be collected by anyone wanting to redistribute them to their own property to eat leafy spurge. Using the flea beetles for biological control is an effective tool in combatting leafy spurge infestations. The field day will start at 11:00 a.m. CST on June 22, 2021 at Lake Tschida Boy Scout Camp in Grant County. Bring a net and a cooler of ice to transport the beetles back home. Nets will also be available for purchase at the event for $35. For more information, contact Morton County Weed Control Officer Cody Schnabel at 667-3389.

Oh, for fun! Catching beetles in nets! Take that leafy spurge!

Wait, that's not about FIRE...

So, as far as the potential fire level in Morton County...there's this

attachment-Burn Ban Level

So, we'll see what the County says, and we'll see what mother nature says. But, Mandan has already made the difficult decision moving forward, and I'm sure they'll be hoping that enough abundant precipitation arrives so that Mandan can maintain it's position as the most explosive city on the 4th of July.  If you've never been in Mandan on the 4th you should.  Although this year's not looking positive to fire up a whole lot of action.

Although, if you read above- the fireworks at Centennial Park are still on for the 4th!

Bismarck?  I'm sure you can still get 30 days in the hole for lighting snakes on your sidewalk.

Thanks for reading, we'll keep ya posted.


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