When you’ve been battling brain cancer, outrunning a fleet of angry linebackers is easy.

Even if you’re only seven years old.

Jack Hoffman, a seven-year-old from Atkinson, Nebraska who’s battling brain cancer, got the surprise of his life last weekend when he ran for a 69-yard touchdown during the University of Nebraska’s spring football game.

Jack, who's a huge Cornhuskers fan, became friends with star running back Rex Burkhead last year and last week the school came up with the idea to let Jack play in the game. Burkhead is involved in the “Team Jack” efforts to help him in his fight.

Decked out in Burkehad’s number 22 jersey, Jack did indeed get in the game. He took a handoff and – boom! – scampered 69 yards to the end zone while the crowd of more than 60,000 fans cheered him on and players followed him to lift him on their shoulders like a modern-day Rudy.

How did Jack enjoy his moment? He said it was "awesome" and his father described the moment as "a lot of emotions right at once. Very emotional to see that. Husker fans have been so incredible to Jack and our family and especially to this cause."

There’s more good news: a recent MRI showed the tumor has shrunk significantly over the last year.

Which means Jack could soon be suiting up and rolling over more linebackers.

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