Well, I keep having more and more new experiences and adding to my medical vocabulary. Monday when I had my blood work, which is taken before I get my chemo infusion, my numbers were not good.

 I was in my recliner up on the 7th floor when my nurse said I needed a blood transfusion. So I waited while more blood was taken to type and cross. Then I got my Avastin.
Just after lunch I was called and told to come back at 4:30 for another blood draw, then to go back upstairs to infusion for my blood transfusion. I had to laugh, the girl in the lab that took my blood in the morning was taking more from me. I said, "gee, I am already low and now you are taking more? I gave 7 vials today". We had a laugh, then I got my special armband to wear for 4 days. listing my blood type.

I had brought some snacks and a fuzzy fleece blanket with me, I was told I needed 2 units of blood and each unit takes about 2 hours. Well, for some reason my 5 pm start time didn't happen. I texted my brother Mike to bring me some chicken. He came and we waited. A nurse came in to apologize for the delay ( it was almost 7 pm) and Mike said..."we have the same blood type...just hook me up". I said yeah, saw it on MASH, just run a hose from his vein to my port. Oh, we had a good laugh with that nurse.

 My first bag got hooked up, and the nurse told Mike to watch me in case I got goofy or off. He said.... goofier than she is normally?.... Oh, more laughter. But it went well, no issues. He stayed and visited with me for a long time then went home. About 9:15 the nurse brought my 2nd bag. He, yes, my nurse was a guy, stayed with me for 15 minutes to make sure the 2nd bag didn't cause any issues.

Now those of you who have spent any time as a patient in Sanford, you know how limited the tv channels are. It was Monday night, but I couldn't get any football. No Bravo TV so I couldn't watch any reality tv. No Animal Planet or TLC tv either.....it was ugly. I did ask my nurse if the blood was from an 80s listener. He asked why, I said cause it's upbeat, this blood better not be from a new country listener...that isn't real country. More laughter.

 I was finally done at 11:25 pm. Yeah, it was a long day. The next day I was googling to find out when I would start to feel better. Results said in 24-48 hours I should notice an improvement. I hoped so since I was still feeling weak and now nauseated too. 
 I finally started to feel much better on Thursday. I could actually do stuff without getting so winded. I could carry a bag upstairs without having to sit down to keep from passing out. Yes, it was that bad. That is how I knew something wasn't right inside me. It is scary when simple household tasks would leave me gasping for air. and struggling to walk.
To all of you who donate blood, THANK YOU. I have said many times on the radio to please donate blood, you might just save a life. Well, this time an A+ donor did save a life, mine! Thank you once again to all who donate.   
When you donate blood, it has a shelf life of 42 days, that is why donations are needed all the time.  Many people need your donation.  And people like me, who didn't expect to need blood, THANK YOU.

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