Hard to believe that Teddy Roosevelt doesn't already have a Presidential Library.  He has his face carved into the side of a mountain, he's had adorable stuffed bears bear his name, and for goodness sake, Medora even built a world class golf course immortalizing his phrase "bully pulpit".  But no library!

Good news! No longer will Teddy's supporters be forced to speak softly, because they don't have a big check.

Walmart done wrote them one for $50 million!  Not exactly Walmart, but one of the Walton boys and his missus did. The Associated Press has reported that former Walmart Chairman, Rob Walton and his wife Melani, stepped up to the plate with a very generous donation of $50 million.

Why does a Walton give two hoots about Teddy Roosevelt?  Not sure if he does, but his wife Melani was born in Williston and graduated from Dickinson State University.  According to the article, Melani is also currently on the DSU library foundation board.

AHA! Collusion! Always, with the collusion.  Let's dig deeper!

On April 30, 2013, both chambers of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly passed a bill appropriating $12 million to Dickinson State University to award a grant to the Theodore Roosevelt Center for construction of a building to be named the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

Time to call the Roughriders in on these here Collusionists!

The Rough Riders
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You know who else is in on the deal? Governor Burgum has pledged a $1 million. Another cool million from William Marcil, chairman of the left-stream media's own Forum Communications, plus Microsoft threw in a million bucks too!  All colluding to bring...

something pretty darn special to North Dakota.

Thanks everybody for the determination y'all showed in getting this done for the state.

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