COVID-19 wins the blue ribbon for buzz kills.

This past week we were to be packing up our radio stations to take the broadcasts live from Burleigh County 4H Achievement Days!  It's annual event we've been participating in for as long as I can remember.  Like most things I remember these days, they decided to take 2020 off.

It's not everyday you get to actually see kids ages 5-18 working their butts off to get their hands on one of those coveted ribbons. From the livestock judging and the hundreds of static exhibits, it's an opportunity to see youth in action creating something they are proud of- and that should make us proud of them as well.

So even if we're not gathering together in one place, technology must give judges a chance to evaluate the animals and projects so they can still hand out some of those sweet ribbons...right?

Wrong.  To see why click here.

That was a letter sent to all 4H families. I find myself agreeing with all the issues the letter presents.  You can't really judge craftsmanship through a picture and you can't virtually examine horse nards.

Hopefully these 4Hers will realize it is not the destination but the journey that enriches us. Wishful thinking maybe, but perhaps there's a place where the projects could be publicly displayed?  One thing you can't do- give every kid a ribbon.  That's not the way 4H works- am I right?

So together with our broadcast partners NDSU Extension Service, Northern Plains Equipment, Tri Energy Cenex, West River Equipment, Kist Livestock, and Puklich Chevrolet we tip our hats to the 4H kids that show us each and every day that our future is looking really bright.

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