Sourcing our proteins locally has been a hot topic. A hot topic for a long time. We all appreciate our ranchers and farmers, hence there is pride in purchasing North Dakota products. Pair that with the continued interest in knowing where our food comes from, this is a practice that is more than a "trend". Thankfully here in North Dakota, we have more options available than in many other parts of the country.

Local Ranches & Farms That Sell Direct To Customers.

FDA inspected beef to some operations joining forces to start their own butcher shops to even butcher shops opening that source only North Dakota beef.

*Disclaimer: It is the producer's responsibility to follow and abide by applicable USDA regulations. Townsquare Media, Inc. is not responsible for any damages caused by food purchased. We encourage to always do your own due diligence on whom you buy from. This list is our attempt to connect the community with the food they want.


Ranch Raised, Pasture To Plate, Farm To Table

6-IN-1 MEATS - 6 (six) North Dakota livestock producers, 1 purpose. Provide customers with quality cuts every time. Located in New Salem, ND. P: 701.843.8723

Black Leg Ranch Meats - Always grass-fed, always grass-finished. Sterling, ND.

Pearson's Green Acre Meats - Three generations strong raising cattle in Wilton, ND

Legendary Steaks - Straight from their ranch, Gross Cattle Company, in Napoleon to your freezer.

Prairie Hills Ranch Meats - Active family ranch to consumer plates, located in Moffit.

K Diamond Cattle - The delicious cuts you want! Located in Woodworth, ND.

Hart and Land Cattle - Coordination for delivery may be available.

Full Flavor Farms - Good Food for Good People coming to you from Douglas.

Sterling Cuts - Raised to be a cut above the rest from Sterling, ND or Facebook @ndpiggytales

Nourished By Nature - Offer various pick-up locations across the state.

DUNN Burgers - Two local ranch families providing premium, locally raised beef from Killdeer, ND. or Facebook @dunnburgers

Dry Creek Ranch Beef - 5th generation ranchers providing high-quality beef from their pastures to your freezer. Amidon, ND.

HAUSER BEEF - From the ranch to you, USDA Inspected. Hebron, ND. 701.934.5726

Regardless the cut of BEEF you prefer. The slogan remains tried AND TRUE.

BEEF. It's What's For Dinner.

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