Back in 1927, then President Calvin Coolidge was 'adopted' into the Sioux Tribe in Fort Yates.

A newspaper known as the Sioux County Pioneer on June 23, 1927 announced that Calvin Coolidge would become part of the tribe thanks to a suggestion by one of the tribe's members according to The History Channel.

Coolidge was the President who signed the Indian Citizen Act of 1924 which grants all Native Americans born in the U.S. citizenship.

According to The History Channel, Coolidge publicly showed a lot of sympathy to native tribes and was a firm believer in tribes' rights.

There was a full ceremony to make Coolidge an honorary member of the tribe.

At the Sioux ceremony in 1927, photographers captured Coolidge, in suit and tie, as he was given a grand ceremonial feathered headdress by Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear and officially declared an honorary tribal member.

Happy Anniversary to a truly historic moment.

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