Pretty exciting when it comes to a new addition to the area

Take a look around to where you live, do you feel stagnant sometimes? Now it doesn't matter if you live in the busiest city on the planet or just a small town. We all feel like every once in a while we can get in a rut, bored with the same old routine, nothing new to do or be a part of. That's not the issue anymore for Fort Yates.

EVERY town needs an ice skating rink

This small town, just 63 miles away from Mandan ( population around 188 ) has spent the last 30 years without an ice skating rink. What stood as a basketball court where hook shots and lay-ups were quite frequent, now someday soon someone will be lifting off an axel jump. All thanks to the Hulk! More on that in a bit.

How did this all come about?

So why after 30 years the sudden need for a place to ice skate? According to "The idea came up at a district committee meeting. Putting up the rink was a complete DIY project but with the help of a couple of community members and the Standing Rock Fire Department, they were able to get it together"

The Green Monster himself, Sir Hulk to the rescue

Fort Yates can thank one person for his contribution, actor Mark Ruffalo ( The Hulk ). Mark asked to be a part of Fort Yates, and how he could help. Now YOU can make a difference.

Skate donations needed

The rink was Fort Yates's first priority, once they got it done they realized they had no skates. This is where you can help. reported that "Dave Hanneman with Dickinson HockeyClub..." has stepped up, and has set up donations. Here is how Contact Archambault at for shipping information. Donate if you can, and then learn how to perform an axel jump!

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