Local Restaurant Chain Expanding: 

An exciting post was made on the Bismarck Blarney Stone's Facebook page last week (April 28th); The owners/investors purchased another property in Fargo. The Donaldson Hotel is now owned by Jim Poolman and his investment partners.

There are currently three Blarney Stone Pub locations; One in West Fargo, another in Sioux Falls, and one here in Bismarck. Soon Fargo residents will have a second location to visit.

"We are going to continue to operate the hotel, and we are going to put our Blarney Stone concept on the main floor," said Jim Poolman.

Patrons of the hotel will notice a few changes too.

Jim Poolman
Jim Poolman

"We will be doing some updating of the rooms and a remodel of the main floor. And some updating of the lower level private meeting space as well. Exciting stuff!," said Poolman.

When Will It Open?

Poolman tells me if all goes according to plan, the new Blarney Stone location should be up and running by early fall (2022). The hotel is currently running.

Why The Buy? Why  A Second Pub In Fargo?

"The Hotel Donaldson is iconic in Fargo. The history, and it’s start of the downtown renaissance is incredible. The property itself is so beautiful that it needed to be revived after the pandemic," said Poolman.

Blarney Stone, Facebook.com
Blarney Stone, Facebook.com

About Hotel Donaldson:

Otherwise known as "The HoDo," this is more than just a hotel. It's a place known for its culture. Arts, wines, music, food and a little history draws people to the establishment.

According to TheCultureTrip.com was built in 1823, after a fire destroyed most of Fargo's downtown area. Most recently, it was renovated back in 2003.



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