One thing I know for sure, that I am reading more and more comments on this year we are living in - 2020 - is a complete disaster! Some say that it will get worse, well I guess that may be true. The fact is that lately, COVID-19 has reared it's ugly head even more so, States all around the country are seeing higher numbers, and they are looking into shutting down stores, restaurants again.

I say let's all try and take a positive look at this year, sports are starting to slowly get going again. We lost everything not long ago, I mean no NCAA March Madness, NOW that's MADDENING! Our Bismarck Larks are back in action, Major League Baseball is poised and ready for a shortened season to start-up in less than two weeks. That's all fine and dandy, but I say we need some extra features to give a jump start to sports kicking back in. I noticed while going on this morning that Jake Schick wrote an article titled No Fans? No Problem: Here Are 5 Ways To make Sports As Electric As Ever When There's Not A Spectator InSight. I must say to Jake - Brilliant!

Imagine this, during a televised MLB game, with scattered crowds inside the stadium ( Thanks to COVID-19 health codes ), that a laugh track is implemented during a play, say some New York Yankee hot-shot boots an error, we as in TV land hear canned recorded laughter from say a studio audience back in the '60s? Jake even suggests fireworks be blasted off after EVERY pitch! The idea of having a"Fake Crowd" sound effect has really been seriously considered. We are all marching into unchartered waters, might as well try and have some fun with it. For more on this story click here.



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