Many of us are getting ready to graduate. Yay, congratulations!

Even though we will be wearing a cap and gown, we still want to show up with our best hair, makeup, and of course, dresses. We want to properly mark the occasion and look great for all the photos we'll take after the ceremony. That, and the after-parties.

A study was done by a company called Karen Millen; it found the most popular dress colors in each state for 2023 by looking at the average number of google searches for different colored dresses.

What Are The Most Popular Dress Colors In ND?

Let's take a look at the top 5 colors in the state.


5. Red

I see red, you see red. -- Obligatory everybody loves an Outlaw reference. Red is the color of confidence and courage. If you're feeling it, be bold.

Side note: Red is Selena Gomez's favorite color.


4. Gold

Gold is a great way to feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We've all been worshipping that dress since we were kids. I'm happy to see so many of us North Dakotans taking graduation as an opportunity to live out our Disney princess dreams.


3. Pink

Coming in at number three... PINK!

Planning on having a Pretty in Pink moment? I get it. Hot pink, or a pastel, you really can't go wrong. If you want to channel your inner Elle Woods, you go for it!


2. Black

According to the source, the second most popular dress color in North Dakota is Black.

Black is slimming and sophisticated. This is the easiest color for picking accessories -- everything works.


1. White

They say you only get to wear one fancy white dress in your life, well, evidently, that's not the case in North Dakota. The number one dress color in North Dakota is white, according to the source.

White signifies simplicity, cleanliness, and a fresh start. -- How perfectly appropriate for graduation?

There you have it! Those are the top five dress colors in North Dakota. Did you choose any of these colors?



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