Okay look, I know this isn't the most pressing issue in the world, but we all have pets, no? I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they get a dog, then shortly after they start to feel bad because that dog needs a friend. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this; that person then gets another dog. It's a snowball effect.


It Has Been Done

Just recently, two senior Pitbull terriers in Fargo tied the knot in quite the lavish ceremony. According to KKTV.com the Fran and Earl were two shelter dogs who became quite close during their stay at the shelter. Caretakers felt it was time the two make it official and wed the pair.

The source claims the ceremony had bubbles, cake, a wedding arch and even flowers.

Side Note: I'm wallowing in a fair amount of self-pity, knowing that dogs are finding love and getting married where the closest thing I have to a committed relationship is my nightly cuddle with my king-sized pillow.

FYI: Fran and Earl did eventually find their forever homes.

Here's The Deal:

You certainly can have a wedding for your pups, but unfortunately, it won't be a legally binding marriage. I mean, who wants to get into divorce settlements and division of dog-bone assets anyway?

In any case, you can hire a licensed celebrant to conduct a ceremony, or really anyone, could bind the two in holy matrimony.

Fun Fact: 

Did you know there are states where your dog can serve as your wedding officiant (person who leads the ceremony)? According to DailyPaws.com, Colorado, Illinois,  Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin all allow this.

Now, don't ask me how it works.

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