That photo from Capital A'Fair's Facebook page really sums up the fun vibe of this enjoyable annual event.  If you need any proof of it's popularity, there's over four thousand five hundred people on their Facebook page that indicated they were "interested".  Even for an old fart like myself, who claims these kinda gatherings aren't really "my thing", I have to confess- I've probably stopped by the Capital A'Fair for the last ten years in a row. (It's rude that everything has to be qualified with "except of course last year".  Pandemics will do that).

It's a great outdoor community gathering that gives you plenty of room to keep your distance.

The North Dakota Department of Tourism sums it up nicely...

In its 47th season, Capital A'Fair is one of the area's largest summer art fairs and is held on the North Dakota Capitol Mall. It features more than 130 artisans from across the country. Music, great food and performing groups contribute to the festive mood. Additionally, there are several children's activities provided.

The Capitol grounds provide plenty of shady spots and wide open green spaces for kids to run around while you nibble on some deep fried goodies.  Usually there's elephant ears or mini donuts on hand in case you missed the State Fair.

Tourism lists the hours as being 10 AM to 6 PM...but the Capital A'Fair's Facebook shows it's shutting down at 4 PM on Sunday.  Which is good because it gives vendors a chance to get back home.

Did you know the word capital is spelled differently even when discussing basically the same thing?  It's spelled with an O when you refer to the building itself.  Like this...

Capital A'Fair Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-4 at the Capitol grounds.

Weird right?

Maybe I'll bump into you over the weekend.

Until's some funny ND memes.


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