Looking for something to do this weekend here in town? I have a suggestion - how about the Capital A’Fair? This may be an event that's slipped by you in the past, but the Capital A'Fair has been around for 46 years - takes place on State Capital Grounds, vendors from all over the country always had this event on their calendar. The perfect way to haul all your products over, setting up your booth or tent, and make some money. This year's fair, like everything else lately, will be trimmed down and full of restrictions due to the coronavirus. Unlike the huge numbers in the past, this year will be scaled down quite a bit, and there will be some construction work in the area to deal with.

With COVID-19's arrival this year, vendors have had a brutal time trying to make a living. due to so many events already canceled. Capital A'Fair's organizer Linda Christman has had a ton of calls from vendors expressing their concerns, and it's valid. The vendors are expressing just how important it is to their livelihood that this event takes place.

In the past, the fair has had as many as 130 vendors selling their products, this year Linda is hoping to see at least 80. The booths will sit about 15 apart from the other due to the health codes, and yes there will be food and games for the kids - The most important thing though is to try and make it out there, you can really be some big-time help to a vendor/vendors by buying their crafts. For more on this story click here.



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