The NFL released a map of the 'Most Popular NFL Player by State' and if you thought Carson Wentz might show up for just North Dakota and Pennsylvania, think again.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has won fans over both on and off-the-field with his stellar play and benevolent character. And not just in his home state of North Dakota or within the state his NFL team plays, Pennsylvania. The map released yesterday by the NFL shows how much his fandom has spread after only two years in the league.

According to the map, Wentz is the most popular NFL player in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Montana, Utah, Kentucky, Virgina, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Only New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the most popular NFL player in more states with a total of 10. Dak Prescott came in third overall with seven.

The player's popularity is determined by taking results from Google searches, jersey sales, and surveys of fans.

Overall, it's pretty impressive that Wentz has stretched his fanbase as much as he has in only two seasons in the NFL. It'll definitely be interesting to see how much more that can increase in the seasons to come.

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