It's a sign of the times as corporate take overs hit the small community of Mandan. The Central Market at the end of Main Street has closed it doors. Now it's up to the public sector to replace the vacant building with another viable business.


The closing of the store has effected 70 employees that are now unemployed during the holiday season. This business was not only a grocery store but also a drug store plus a meeting place for senior citizens that would use Central Market as a meeting place to socialize.


Dan's Supermarket has bought all of the Central Market locations in Bismarck, the location in Mandan was not part of that sale, being as Dan's already has a location in Mandan. Currently the city of Mandan is being served with the new Wal Mart Super Center and the Dan's Supermarket.

The City of Mandan can offer various incentives to get another business in the old location but as for now, nothing is on the horizon.

What type of business would like to see occupy the old Central Market - Mandan building?

(source Bismarck Tribune)

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