The City of Mandan on Tuesday evening received suggestions for what could become of the former Central Market.

Icon Architectural Group presented the city with their vision of the future of the West Main Street location.

One idea included adding some doors and windows to create one large space and then have six smaller tenants occupy the building.

Another idea included moving the library from its current location into an updated library at the former Central Market location. The location where the library currently resides could be turned into restaurants and a brewery.

City of Mandan via Icon Architecture Group
City of Mandan via Icon Architecture Group

Icon Architecture group noted that restaurants and a brewery could compliment activities taking place at Dykshoorn Park right next door to create an 'entertainment district.'

Another suggestion included the creation of an open market and an event hall that can be used for farmer's markets as well as trade shows and other events.

The city of Mandan has agreed to purchase the site of the former Central Market for $1.5 million with the sale expected to officially close later this month.

The city has yet to make final plans on what they want to do but ultimately they will seek private investors to make use of at least part of the former Central Market. Icon Architecture Group will continue to come back to the City Commission in upcoming weeks to further help with landing future tenants.

You can see all the ideas that Icon Architecure Group presented here.

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