In our fast-paced world, do we still have time for traditions?

Absolutely YES. We will always plan on turkey day with our families and as busy as all of us can get, somehow presents are still being bought to put under the Christmas tree. My favorite traditions are the ones that began with genuine hearts behind them.

When you think of a teenager, do you picture a young person hanging with friends or glued to their cell phone?

That's what comes to my mind when I think of someone that age. Are they trapped in the whole social media scene? Maybe, however, there are some high school students here in Bismarck that are involved with a new weekday tradition, that puts smiles on everyone's heart.

A school bus ride has become way more than that

According to KFYR TV "One by one, kids file onto bus 54 outside Century High School. As the cars drive by Sue Brady’s daycare, her kids are eager with anticipation. Every day at around 4:00, the daycare kids line up by the fence to wait for Bus 54" This is where time and life slows down, just for a couple of precious seconds.

Genuine respect from the very little to the biggest of kids

Here is where the mutual waves begin. Everything stops around the daycare, and all the kids on bus 54 make sure they lock eyes and devote their full attention to the younger ones, who one day in the future, will be "giving back" the same kind of respect they received from their high school elders. A simple wave to one another. Imagine ALL of us adopting that way of life?

Sometimes in life, the simpler acts of kindness are the most rewarding

Here is hoping that their tradition will spark interest in other kids as well.


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