Needing fuel for the fireplace? Dreaming about summer nights around a campfire? How about wanting to do some landscaping? One place to find the wood your seeking for anything of these activities is often overlooked. Just outside of Bismarck city limits is your one-stop shop for all these activities. The Bismarck Landfill offers finished compost, firewood, wood chips, and even saw logs.


  • Bismarck Landfill address: 2111 North 52nd St. Directions: CLICK HERE.
  • Before and after loading, STOP at the Scale House.
  • Know the load capacity of the unit (pickup box, trailer, etc) being used to haul material. The Scale House Operator will ask for this number.
  • Be prepared to load material. Purchaser must load themselves.
  • Saw logs and firewood is cut by the purchaser. Bring your own equipment.
  • Loading of material is available, but it is NOT FREE. The staff at the Bismarck Landfill can load material or product for  a minimum fee of $65.00 per use and/or at $65.00 per hour. (ADVANCE arrangements are required, call ahead to schedule.) Call: 701-355-1700 to schedule.
  • Bulk Buyers and Commercial accounts need to contact the Bismarck Landfill for instructions.
  • Wood Chip Options: There are several different wood chip options to meet your needs. These include wood chipped, single ground, and double ground.
  • SEE the Landfill Fee Schedule for pricing. CLICK HERE.

First time to the landfill? A quick summary of what to expect

Prior to heading to the Bismarck Landfill, call to be sure they have the material you are requesting. Call: 701-355-1700. Drive up to the Scale House. There you will drive onto the scale with an empty load, roll down your window and advise the Scale House Operator what you are wanting to purchase. The Scale House Operator will direct you where to find the product or material. They will open a ticket that has your name, the empty weight, and a ticket will wait for your return. Drive to the location of the product or material. Load the amount wanted. Secure it carefully. Remember to bring along proper ropes or tiedown straps. Drive back to the Scale House. Drive onto the scale, roll down the window, and the Scale House Operator will advise you how much weight you are purchasing and the cost. Be prepared with cash to pay, as credit cards are often not accepted.

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