The brutal reality of the coronavirus isn't just limited to China, this deadly virus has now reached the United States, the latest numbers show 37 countries have confirmed cases including at least 53 cases here in the U.S. The sight of people wearing surgical masks are becoming more and more a daily thing.

The North Dakota Department of Health said it’s monitoring eight people for possible coronavirus symptoms in the state. Four people are being monitored in Minnesota. The question is, how is this affecting us here in North Dakota? We are separated from Wuhan, China by over 6,600 miles. The Chinese folks that are living in our community, are consumed with worry over their family members that live overseas.

The Rice Bowl restaurant in Mandan, the owner Sherry Zhuang say's the huge population of China was not prepared for the virus invasion. Bismarck Asian Market Owner Ruby Toman points out that so far the coronavirus has not impacted her business, and they are still able to get what they need from China. For more on this story click here.

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