The North Dakota Department of Transportation has been coming up with ways to positively reinforce drivers' safety. You have heard the campaign slogan, "Click It OR Ticket," but tomorrow only, the slogan will be changed to "Click It FOR Coffee."

The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Balancing Goat Coffee Co. have teamed up for "Click It for Coffee."

According to Bismarck Tribune, as a part of Vision Zero, the North Dakota Department of Transportation has teamed up with Balancing Goat Coffee Co. in Mandan for the "Click It" cause. On Tuesday (May 25), drivers can stop by Balancing Goat Coffee Co. between the hours of 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM for $1 off their current order and $1 off a future order. Here is the catch for getting the discount - you must be wearing your seatbelt!

Even though drivers' safety is a serious matter, how cool is taking the opportunity to turn it into something positive? Vision Zero's goal is "Zero fatalities. Zero excuses." And campaigns like "Click It for Coffee" show incredible effort to unite the community on issues like safety.

Just before the 2021 "Click It or Ticket" campaign began, the North Dakota Department of Transportation released information on seatbelt-related fatalities in 2020 and 2021. Vision Zero's website states

that in 2020, 42% of fatal accidents involved victims not wearing seatbelts. Not only that, but the website also informs us that, in 2021, vehicle fatalities are up more than in years past.

Will you "Click It for Coffee" tomorrow morning?

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