When you are preparing to party on Halloween, do not forget to plan to have a sober ride.

Halloween is just under three weeks away, and you are probably getting excited to costume-up and do the drunken "Monster Mash" all night long. But have you thought about what you will do for a ride after a wild party night? If you do not have an established designated driver, North Dakota Department of Transportation with Vision Zero ND are encouraging party-goers to get a lift with Lyft.

Vision Zero ND is offering $10 Lyft vouchers from October 29 - October 31, 2021.

From October 29 through October 31, Vision Zero is offering a $10 voucher for Lyft users in Bismarck-Mandan (while codes last). A code can be found directly on Vision Zero ND's Facebook page. Simply plug it into the Lyft app and you will get $10 applied to your ride!

North Dakota is in need of more transportation options.

While I think it is exciting that there are campaigns encouraging North Dakotans to use sober ride options, more needs to be done. Especially in Bismarck-Mandan because one cannot easily walk from bar to bar to bar in this area. Unlike Grand Forks and Fargo, a person kind of has to drive around if they really want to bar hop here. But sober rides can be hard to come by here.

Since moving to Bismarck almost two years ago, I have learned that Lyft and Uber rides can be scarce around here. They are nice ride options if you can bank on them being available. But I have literally gone out on a Saturday, and come bar close, there would not be a single vehicle on Lyft or Uber - and it was not because these ride options were full with riders, it was because no one was on the road. If there were more options available, I think even more drunk drivers would be off the road.

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