1. The COOL Photo of the Week Contest opens every Wednesday at roughly 6am and ends every Friday at about noon.

2. The Cool 98.7 Facebook Page will create a new post every Wednesday morning that will be pinned to the top of the page until the contest ends.

3. Submissions will only be counted towards the current week's contest.

4. Photos must be submitted via the Cool 98.7 app or in the form at the bottom of this page!

5. Photos that are submitted must be a photo that you personally took yourself.

6. Participants may only submit one photo per week. If there are multiple entries, none of your photos will be counted towards the contest.

7. Participants may submit a photo that they have submitted in a previous week as long as it did not already win.

8. 360 photos are not allowed. We don't have the ability to download those or post them on our website.

9. If your photo did not win and you wish to resubmit it for another week's contest, you must send the photo through the form below again.  Photos from past week's will not be considered without a resubmission.

10. Townsquare Media - Bismarck has the right to use photos you submit in any of their future digital publications including but not limited to: posts on social media, on its websites, in newsletters etc. Townsquare Media - Bismarck will properly attribute all of your photos to you. We will not take credit for your photo.

11. Participants may only win once every 30 days.

12. Prizes are subject to change at anytime.

13. Photos that are submitted must be appropriate for people of all ages and backgrounds. Images that contain nudity, extreme violence or other inappropriate content will be removed and disqualified.

14. Townsquare Media - Bismarck has the right to revoke a winner's prize or change a winner at anytime if it is deemed a photo did not adhere to these rules. For example, if it is discovered a photo you submitted was actually taken from the internet and it is not an original photo, we have the right to not give you your prize even if we have already announced you as a winner.

15.  If contingencies or disputes arise at the contest/before, during or after, that is not explicitly covered by these official rules, Townsquare Media - Bismarck's decision will stand with the same finality as these rules.

16. These rules can change at anytime without notice.

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