Cool 98.7 & Dutch Mill Florist presents "The Let it Snow Contest."  We want you to win a brand new snowblower from Performance Equipment.

Simply tell us when you think Bismarck will reach 6 inches of total snowfall to win the snowblower.

Just listen to make your guess weekdays with McGowan in the Morning and with Rockin' Rick.  You'll win a $10 dollar gift card from Dutch Mill Florists.

Then simply sit back and "Let it Snow" to win.  Here's what you could win from Performance Equipment.  It's valued at over $1000 bucks.

Performance Equipment

_____________________________________________________________________Contest Rules:

You can only make once guess during this contest.

Contest run dates will be 10-18 to 11-12 2021.

Only one guess per date per contestant.

6 inches of snow in Bismarck will be according to the National Weather Service's official measuring station in Bismarck.  No other totals from any other service will be acknowledged.

Whoever picks the correct date or is closest to the exact date wins the grand prize.  In the event, two listeners are tied a random drawing will be held.

Listeners can guess between October 18 2021 to March 31st 2022.

In the event we don't reach 6 inches of snow by March 31st 2022, whoever picked the date closest to March 31st 2022 wins the grand prize.




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