I was told "off the record" from a pretty reliable source that both Mandan and Bismarck Public Schools will more than likely going back to full-time in person classes shortly after the first of the year.

If you look at the latest COVID-19 numbers from both Burleigh and Morton counties since Thanksgiving, those numbers would suggest it's time to get our kids back to in person classes at school.  Here's the latest numbers from today.



Yesterday's numbers were in the 200's. We had a slight increase for today. Hospital numbers are going down slightly as well, which is very good to see.

This all comes as good news.  Especially, since nationally, stories and data are being released, that continues to show "Distance Learning" is falling off the rails.  More and more kids are struggling with online classes, and there's data to prove that. According to an article on ABC News, School districts from coast to coast have reported kids are failing classes by as many as two or three times.  Especially English language learners and disabled and disadvantaged students having the most problems.

I spoke with Jessica Petrick, Community Relations Coordinator, for Mandan Public Schools, to discuss data that Mandan Public Schools may has seen, concerning problems with distance learning.  She acknowledged, "There has been a problem with some high school students.:  Students with failing grades in Mandan have been giving the opportunity to come back to in person classes to help rectify the problem.

When I asked Mrs. Petrick about the possibility of Mandan going back to in person classes after the first of the year, she told me the Mandan School Board will be meeting Monday evening to discuss this matter.  No decision is final at this time.  According to my sources,  It's believed Bismarck Public Schools will be following suit if Mandan goes to all in person classes.  As a parent with a high school student, I sure hope this happens.  I believe it's time.  Here's to a much better 2021!



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