According to Webster's Dictionary the definition of Iconic is widely recognized and "well-established" so let's talk about North Dakota's most iconic sandwich.

What could  be the most iconic sandwich of the state?  Right off the bat, I'm thinking the hamburger. And I am wrong. I can not really think of a sandwich  that our state is known for.

Here's an example, in my home state, Louisiana, the state is known for po'boys which is a sort of a which is the same as a foot long sandwich. The muffuletta is also a very popular sandwich from the South. recently published the most iconic sandwich from every state and for the Peace Garden State, it would be the Sloppy Joe. According to, apparently we call these sloppy joes "barbecues" or "slush burger."  Are you serious? I have never in any walk of life in North Dakota heard anyone call a sloppy joe a slush burger. Get a grip!

I would think the most iconic sandwich in North Dakota would be the pulled pork sandwich. You can fine a pulled pork sandwich just about any where on any day of the week.

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