An app that may have saved a baby's life?  That might just be the case here in Bismarck.  The "Count the Kicks" app was downloaded by Bianca Abrego during her pregnancy to monitor her baby's movements.  Bianca first learned about the Count the Kicks app during a prenatal appointment from her lactation specialist/nurse.  She was a first-time mom with a high-risk pregnancy.  She wanted to make sure she did everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy.

Bianca started to experience anxiety during her pregnancy.  She began using the app at the 30-31 week mark on an everyday basis.  The app measures how often the baby physically kicks.  The app brought Bianca reassurance.

Count the Kicks educates mothers to track their baby's movements in the third trimester of pregnancy.  Research shows the importance of tracking fetal movement and Count the Kicks encourages moms to know the normal movement pattern for their baby by having the daily kick counting session using the app.  By the way, the Count the Kicks app is a free app in the app store or google play.  When the amount of time it takes to get to 10 movements changes, this could be a sign of potential problems and mothers should contact their physician.

According to a press release from the North Dakota Department of Health, thanks to the app and monitoring Bianca's unborn child, she noticed a steady decrease in her baby's movements in the eighth month of pregnancy and she contacted her provider right away.  After additional monitoring and tests, Bianca's baby "Isla" was delivered via emergency C-section.  Bianca later learned the reason for her baby's distress was due to an infection in the placenta, which could've been dangerous for both baby and mom.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.  The Count the Kicks app even has a function where data within the app can even be emailed or texted directly to providers.  According to the CDC, every year in the United States 23,500 babies are born still and an average of 64 babies are still each year in North Dakota.

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