It was announced Monday that Aaron Rodgers won't be playing quarterback for the NFC in this Sunday's NFL Pro Bowl game in Las Vegas.  This makes it three times that perpetual next-man-up and current Minnesota Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins, will steal all the sweet Pro Bowl props NFL players so mightily enjoy.  A Redskin at the time, Cousins filled in when Rodgers wussed out in 2016. As a Viking, Cousins filled in when Rodgers wussed out in 2019.  Now he fills in for Aaron while who's wussing out for the third time.  Kirk has never made the original Pro Bowl roster.

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Seems today's football fans have zero interest in the Pro-Bowl.

Rightfully so...the Pro Bowl is like flag football without all the effort of actually playing flag football.  So this will be a nice break for Kirk Cousins as the Viking's offensive line is still working on their "pass protection".

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So besides the guarantee of not getting hit, what else will Kirk Cousins get for this prestigious Pro Bowl position? Will Cousins' "sponsor" Pizza Ranch come up with some free Cactus Bread?  (Kirk, make sure the fine print doesn't say "only valid on Sundays"!) Actually, there's real cash from the NFL...

Winners get $80 thousand, or half of that for the losers.

It's my understanding that decades ago players got pretty excited to be able to take their families to Hawaii where the game was played every year.  Back in 1971 members of the winning team received $2,000 for the game and the losers limped off with $1,500 but they were in Hawaii! These days the Pro Bowl is in Las Vegas.  Yuck.  For the record, Cousins is due a $35 million fully-guaranteed salary from the Vikings in 2022.  That is if they don't find a way to unload him before that bill comes due.

Being chosen for the Pro-Bowl is COMPLETELY different than being voted an All-Pro.

While making the Pro Bowl is considered an honor, making the NFL’s All-Pro teams are more prestigious. Unlike the Pro Bowl, which fans count for one-third of the vote and is often a popularity contest, members of the media select the All-Pro teams.

Anyways, congratulations to three-time Pro-Bowler Kirk Cousins. At least he's kinda playing in the post-season.

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