I was working out over my lunch hour this afternoon and you should have heard the loud cheers when Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers made the announcement concerning his future.

People, sports writers, and football fans everywhere have been waiting on the decision of what number 12 was going to do with his career next season.

Will he stay with the Packers, will he retire, or will he leave Green Bay for "greener" pastures?

Well, it appears that the decision has finally been made.  According to ESPN, Aaron Rodgers, who was on "The Pat McAfee Show" this afternoon, made the following quote, "I intend to play for the Jets next season." 

Of course, this comes after yesterday's announcement that Aaron Rodgers's favorite wide receiver Allen Lazard signed a 4 deal with the New York Jets.  He was part of Aaron's wish list of players he would like to see added to the team.

So, it certainly appears that Rodgers does indeed plan to sign with the New York Jets.

Judging by most of the people working out at my gym, they are Vikings fans like myself.  Let's face it, Rodgers has killed us over the years.  Get him out of the division and conference for that matter, so we will likely never see him again.

Or, maybe history could repeat itself. 

Remember when former Green Bay Packers legendary quarterback Brett Favre left Green Bay for the New York Jets for one season?  Where did he end up next?  That's right, the Minnesota Vikings.  Favre had one magical season and one forgettable one for Minnesota.

As you might know, it appears the Vikings will move on from Kirk Cousins after this next season.

Leaving a spot wide open for Aaron Rodgers to come to Minnesota.  Just sayin'.

Before we get too excited, Aaron Rodgers said he "intends" to play for the Jets.  Good intentions still leave you the possibility of changing your mind.  Time will tell.

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