Sunday night was a pretty good night to listen to some music and check out the things North Dakota has to offer.

If you weren't watching live tonight, here are the cliff notes of some of the things I was able to see:

  • Apparently, on route 1804 there is a cow and horse farm. There were so many cows, I probably could've jumped the fence and rode one of them. Sadly I think I spooked them and they ran away.
  • There was also a yard with classic cars in it. The cars could've been featured on the Discovery Channel’s Gas Monkey Garage. I imagined what the guys from the show could do to pimp those cars out if they knew about them. I should try to touch base with them on Twitter.  The Car I liked the most was an old school F150 pickup. Man, I wish I was a mechanic.
  • Finally, it was great to visit Double Ditch Indian Village State Historic Site. It's not a reservation like I was told, but is definitely an awesome lookout spot if you don't get stuck in one of the many Gopher holes.  The Fort I originally saw online was not a Native American one but possibly built by General Custer's men.  It was great to meet other bikers that gave me the lay of the land.

All in all, a great Sunday night drive!

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