As neighborhoods continue to grow into what used to be uninhabited areas, the general public is seeing more coyotes.

David McNew / Getty
David McNew / Getty

This is the case in a Fargo neighborhood, Woodhaven, according to Inforum. The canine is so large, some think it is a wolf. With Halloween and kids going out to Trick or Treat Tuesday night, parents are concerned.

The animal was caught on camera several times, and because of the size, there is debate whether it's a coyote or wolf.

One local vet said he is 99% sure it’s a coyote because of the shape and the size of the animal’s muzzle.

Regardless, some residents of the Fargo neighborhood are still unsettled.

Most wild wolves and coyotes normally shy away from people although, if your pet is outside, the outcome can be different. As populations continue to grow so does the need for new housing and neighborhoods. We're moving into their area.

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