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Our buddies at survey site WalletHub have been cracking the credit card debt of all fifty states. They've combined a great wealth of information and some pretty spiffy graphics too!  All of that can be found right here.

2020 continues to surprise. If the United States continues see a slight reduction in credit card debt through the end of the year, than this year will be the first since 2009 to see a decrease in debt.

So which state holds the highest "household credit card debt"?  Alaska wins but Hawaii is a close "honorable mention" at second place.  Probably pretty obvious to anyone that has lived in either state- food is expensive and you've gotta fly to get anywhere. Alaska households are currently carrying an average of $11,250!  That's a lot of mukluks!  Hawaii ain't so far behind with nearly $11,000 in family card debt.  That's a lot of floral leis!

Way to go North Dakota, you're pretty low on the credit card debt chart with a household average of $6,655.  Only 2 other states carry less on their cards then we do...those two "cheap-states" are Iowa ($6,175) and Vermont ($6,249).   Having 6 grand in credit card debt may not have made your grand-pappy proud, but for many it's the price of doing business.

I would have thought all the on-line COVID shopping would have driven our national credit card debt higher.  But I reckon there was a heckuva lot less airline miles, hotel stays, and rental cars.

Check out the full article here and see how your household stands up.

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