We never really think about animals getting COVID-19

At least I have thought that way ever since the pandemic first began. The reality is that animals can get COVID-19, and that has been happening ever since the virus first started coming around. So do we treat animals the same way then?

Animal coronavirus vaccines have been around a while

According to KFYR TV "Animal coronavirus vaccines have been around since the 1950′s which gave research on the latest animal COVID-19 vaccine a running start" Here in Bismarck, North Dakota, our very own Dakota Zoo has joined the list of other zoos around the country that are facing the same issues. There are many other cities that are looking more into what they can do for their animals who may get COVID-19, KFYR TV added this "Nearly 80 zoos across the U.S. are looking to immunize some animals with a coronavirus vaccine developed by veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis. Now at Bismarck’s Dakota Zoo, some animals could be in line to get the shot"

What kind of measures can the Dakota Zoo do to protect its animals?

Keeping an eye on all its animals is a pretty big task for the Dakota Zoo,  and for starters, moving certain primate guards back enables more space and distance. Unfortunately, the Dakota Zoo has had some snow leopards die from the disease. Here is one thing I just found out, KFYR TV mentioned that “Snow leopards are highly endangered. We’re one of the few breeding facilities in the country..."

I finally had a chance to walk around Dakota Zoo for the first time last Saturday

I came away with such great respect for everyone involved with the Dakota Zoo. A perfect place to bring the whole family, kids have easy access to pet an animal, and to learn more about all the wonderful wildlife. It is quite obvious to see how much the Dakota Zoo cares for every critter there.


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