Let me ask you this, have you ever seen a UFO here in the Bismarck, Mandan area? Because I'm guessing that the odds are way better eye-balling some crazy out-of-this-world spaceship hovering over Memorial Highway than ever physically touching a Playstation 5. This is the elusive gaming console I have only seen through social media.

November 12th, 2020

This was a magical date I had in my head for what seemed like an eternity. The day that I would be able to gently remove my old Playstation 4 and replace it with the Holy Grail of entertainment. November 12th, 2020 was the day that Playstation 5 went on sale.

No sweat, I'll just stroll down the street and buy one at Best Buy

Ha-Ha, you talk about the biggest misconception in the HISTORY of misconceptions - there was not a PS5 to be seen in this town. So I waited patiently until like last February - when one day I asked a simple question to someone who answered the phone at the GameStop store at Kirkwood Mall, "Do you guys have any PS5s?" The laughter on the other end of the phone would not stop.

Sure you can probably buy them online for about triple the cost of retail

Here is the problem, there was obviously a huge demand (STILL IS) when the consoles first came out - stores here in town couldn't get their hands on them - and then the frustration really reached a peak. From time to time on the internet, you would hear of some PS5s about to go on sale at a certain time - literally, after about 1.5 seconds they would be sold out - swept away by the evil BOTS. One of the reasons why there is such a shortage of consoles was explained to me by Cullen, who works at Rock 30 Games. There is a very large shortage of Graphic cards, which are in the PS5, and they come from Japan - and of course, COVID-19 has been a big issue as well.

So God, please help a brother out

One day soon, I hope, I will be enjoying a PS5 in my living room (probably right around the time the PS6 comes out)


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