Well, the week is young...can they keep it up?

I hope not...because their in the news for the wrong reasons.

But in my heart for all the right reasons.

In July, I paid my first visit to Devils Lake.

I might have gone through some time when I was a kid, but it was new to grown up me.  My girl Brenda and I went and saw a production of Grease at the Fort Totten Little Theater.  It's called Little Theater but Grease was a big ass production. Ok, disclosure...Brenda's most excellent nephew Cole sang a song about "mooning" thus the ass comment.

Here's a pic vs video so I don't get into copyright issues...Cole Beck Facebook if ya wanna see the whole show.

attachment-Cole Beck Facebook

The show was sold out many times over the summer and we came back for the final night!  Exciting, I know!  What I learned about Devils Lake was...

Most likely you were coming to fish.

Next time you go you should check out a little summer theater as well.  So, not news but just blatant family promotion from this season. So, as my adopted summer getaway, seeing Devils Lake hit the news dramatically this week made me sad...

Devils Lake recently gets two hits that are close to home.

The accident happened July 31st, but the news connection didn't break until August 9th at both KVRR News and Go Watertown.net.

Former Devils Lake Police Chief Keith Schroeder died in a motorcycle crash in the Black Hills.  The South Dakota Highway Patrol says Schroeder died July 31 when he crossed the center line and hit an oncoming motorcycle near Keystone.

Schroeder’s motorcycle went into the ditch and struck a third motorcycle, which was unoccupied and parked on the side of the road.

Schroeder died at the scene.  The other motorcycle rider suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Schroeder was police chief in Devils Lake from 2009 to 2017.  He left the department after a city assessment found low morale and reports of a hostile work environment at the police department.

Schroeder had also served in the Wahpeton and Grand Forks Police Depts.  He was 63.

Sad news and Keith was pretty darn young at 63.

Devils Lake faces another loss...

Well, not a loss but a generational change to a one hundred year old tradition.  If you work in media, doesn't matter what sort of media, changes like this are just a part of the process moving forward. Not for a moment, do I want to say the good folks at the Devils Lake Journal won't continue to serve the "Lake Region".  That's what I'd call it at least...but this from the aforementioned  Devils Lake Journal

After more than 10 decades of printing through rain, sleet, high winds and snow, the time for retirement has come.  Devils Lake Daily Journal is announcing the ceasing of their pressroom operations at the end of the month. 

According to officials with Gannett, which owns the Journal, as well as the USA TODAY Network with more than 260 newsrooms, the pressroom operations will continue to operate as normal, including all its pressroom staff, until September 9, when the paper will then be printed out of facilities in Bismarck, North Dakota. The last issue to be printed out of Devils Lake will be the Friday, September 10 issue.

That's a 100 year old printing tradition being lost...sad, but

Newspaper delivery is not expected to be impacted, company officials said. Gannett has said advertising and news teams will remain in place in the Devils Lake's current office.

It is sad, just make sure when you're on a fishing trip next summer, you grab a copy of the Journal to see what's playing at the Fort Totten Summer Theater.

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