UPDATE: A 21-year old male is in custody in connection with the package that shut down Dickinson Regional Airport earlier today.

Justin Cox-Sever was arrested Wednesday afternoon in connection with the beeping package found on an inbound flight. Justin was arrested after an investigation lead by Stark County Sheriff's office, and assisted by the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Bismarck Bomb Squad. Cox-Server was arrested in Dickinson but the Stark County Sheriff, but is not from the area.

The airport was re-opened by 3:30pm after the danger was cleared by investigators. After x-raying the suspicious package, it was determined to be harmless.

Original Story: The Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport is closed this afternoon (Sep 9) due to an unclaimed package found on an inbound flight that was emitting a "beeping" sound.

The package was found under a seat on an inbound SkyWest flight, a Delta connection from Minneapolis. The package had no claimant, spurring an expedited deplaning after landing, Inforum.com reports.

The plane did land safely, and all its passengers are unharmed; they were redirected from the airport's commercial aviation wing to the general aviation wing, which remained open.

Authorities now await the arrival of a bomb squad to investigate the package.

[h/t Dickinson Press]