It was the evening of Tuesday, October 5th when a Bismarck police officer was pulling over a teenage motorcycle driver for a traffic violation.  According to this report from the North Dakota Highway Patrol, this kid was having none of that and raced away from the scene.

Where I live in Bismarck I hear these motorcycles revving up to speeds that must be hitting a hundred MPH in the city.  I don't know if they're always just showing off or sometimes they may actually be running from the police. It'd be mighty tough for a squad car to keep up in the city, and mighty dangerous as well.  So officers give up on the pursuit for the safety of us citizens.  But this particular Tuesday night, not every officer gave up on the pursuit.

Scenery of the flying small plane in the blue sky

That's right, the North Dakota State Highway Patrol was monitoring the traffic stop from high in the sky, so when this bozo thought he had blown off the cops he was unaware of the long arm, and eagle eyes of the law.

Oh, to have seen the look on that cocky kid's face!  Priceless I'm sure.

It gets cooler, because the plane also has high techy ways to keep tabs on the bad people.

Called FLIR, an infrared camera gives troopers a new perspective day or night. The information revealed on the cameras is then relayed to crews on the ground.

So it made it pretty easy for the plane to follow the young man back to mom and dad's house. So the punk was probably already in his bedroom celebrating his speed crazed escape.  He probably never even heard the knock on the front door.


Can we speak with your son?


OK NDHP tell us what happened next...

Officers responded to the residence and identified the driver as a 16-year-old male. The driver was referred to juvenile court by the Bismarck PD for fleeing a police officer and reckless endangerment-extreme indifference.

Extreme indifference is against the law? I better clean up my act!


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