The actual 14 page file is now posted at the end of the article...but let's read first OK?

Be warned, in the following article there may be w*rds containing asterisks along with abbreviations (WTF?) that may not be suitable for the feint of heart and certainly not suitable for an elected official that should be representing all North Dakotans.

It's fair to say that as a member of the North Dakota House of Representatives,  Luke Simons is pretty grateful that the Legislature just took it's mid-session break.  He can breathe a sigh of relief thinking that today's 14 page file filled with documented allegations of sexual harassment and threats will probably just blow over before the Legislature reconvenes on Wednesday March 3rd.  Maybe it will.  But if I was Representative Simons or his wife and family,  I might just mute my phone for the next couple of days.  Y'know just to enjoy the time off.

Here's how the Associated Press kicks off today's breaking story..

Lawyers for the North Dakota Legislature have documented allegations of sexual harassment and threats against them and others by a Republican lawmaker and have forwarded a file to legislative leaders for potential action that may lead to possible censure or expulsion.

Again, that "file" is 14 pages long and chronicles what seems to be a pattern of unprofessional behavior exhibited by Rep Simons for quite some time. It appears the straw that broke the Legislators back was Simons screaming SHUT THE F*CK UP at fellow lawmakers in the Capitol cafeteria. Seems Luke was not wearing a mask while standing next to a "mask required" sign.  Social media can accept being less than civil while discussing mask wearing, but that's in the comment section and not the lunch line.  Luke eventually apologized for the outburst and wisely went for the righteous defense.  This from Rep Simons' Facebook page

I apologize for what I said at the cafeteria to two legislators, it is never right to use foul harsh language. As a Christian I do not Believe in using harsh language, and It was wrong of me to do so. No one is making me apologize, except that I broke my own constitution to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is not right to use harsh language and For that I am very sorry. I did apologize to the two representatives in person for using a curse word.

Curse word?  Seems someone was caught cussing. In my opinion, words shouldn't affect people as profoundly as some do...intent, on the other hand is a different animal altogether.  If you are using language to demean and belittle, your intent is to show the other party you could seriously give a f*ck about what they think or how they feel.  It's not about a cuss word- it's about a 14 page file that has been submitted to Legislative leaders filled with allegations of inappropriate behavior that transcends just having a potty mouth.

The documents say House Majority Leader Chet Pollert was told of some of the incidents.

Pollert said Thursday that he had not had a chance to review the Legislative Council’s documents and could not immediately comment on them. He said they “could bring a different light” to Simons’ future in the Legislature.

Pollert said leaders have discussed discipline for Simons before over such incidents.

Legislative Council Director John Bjornson adds

female staff members have been told they don’t have to work with Simons.

“It’s been our general policy for a while,” Bjornson said. “We have offered him the opportunity to meet only with male staffers to eliminate any (future) incidents,” Bjornson said.

Female staffers were not required to work with him.

We don't have access yet to the redacted 14 page file, it seems Legislative leaders would like to take some time over the break for a little light reading. Please read the AP Story and by all means, keep up with the responses Rep. Simons seems to be keeping current on his Facebook page.

I'm glad you read this as I'm sure it will blow over before they reconvene on Wednesday.

Here is the redacted 14 page of allegations and it's kind of icky

Go ahead and read this!

Thanks to Facebook buddy Keith!


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