When a person reads something that is just too outrageous to be true, odds are it's not.  Or maybe it's a little true, but the way the facts present themselves doesn't give our good judgement glands a chance to activate.

I saw the headline from a headline mongering website by the name of the Daily Beast.

North Dakota Schoolteacher on Leave After 5th Graders Re-Enacted George Floyd Murder, Says Report

Okay, but that's from the Daily Beast, what about some reporting from our own backyard? Here ya go- according to the Wahpeton Daily News, the alleged incident allegedly occurred at Wahpeton Elementary- here's the school Superintendent...

"Earlier this week it was brought to our attention that an activity in one of our elementary classrooms may have been inappropriate and insensitive considering the current reality of issues our country is currently dealing with," Superintendent Rick Jacobson stated. 

He continues to elaborate that the teacher in question has been placed on administrative lead while a investigation is launched.  A press conference will alo be held on Monday May 10th. I'm sure social media sleuths can have the case of the misguided grade school theater wrapped up by supper.

But for now we have to rely on words like "inexcusable, inappropriate, and insensitive" to guide our narrative.  We should all take a while to let some actual facts be released and then organize our thoughts.  First off I'd like to know what grade were the kids in?  I'm not a fan of shielding our snowflakes from the realities in the world. I am overprotective of children's personal health and safety, but I'm all for enlightenment at an early age.

Even if it did happen- I could maybe be convinced it's just a modern day chapter in any Civics class.

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