It's been a heck of a winter in North Dakota.  I know, the calendar says "spring" but go tell that to the white stuff on the ground.

Bismarck Mandan was just hit with another round of winter weather Thursday evening into Friday Morning.  We needed less than two inches to break the all-time seasonal snowfall total for Bismarck Mandan of 101.6 inches set back in 1996-97.

After the fairly heavy snow we received last night we had to have broken the all-time record right?

NOPE!  Something I didn't realize is that snowfall is only measured if it accumulates.  So, take the last evening for instance.  We had at least 1 hour of steady snow with big snowflakes that just melted on contact when they hit the surface.  That only counts as a "trace" no matter how long it snows.

I think it's safe to say we defiantly received the over 2 inches of snow we needed to break the all-time record last night and this morning but not enough accumulating snow.  That's what they go by of course.

That means we are now at 101.2 inches of snow in Bismarck Mandan and we need to beat 101.6 inches of snow.

We've cracked the century mark at least but hotdog no mustard.  Just a little bit short of frozen history.  We officially picked up 1.4 inches of snow in Bismarck, According to the National Weather Service.

After speaking with the National Weather Service in Bismarck it seems pretty apparent any future snow will need to fall when the ground is already frozen.  Otherwise what happened last night is more than likely to happen again.  The snow will melt on contact and it will not count toward our overall total.

For those of you who want to break this all-time record like myself, the dream is not completely dead.

We do have the potential for snow late next week or weekend.  So, you're telling me there's a chance???

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