North Dakota Department of Transportation has completed its DMV kiosk installation project.

Going to the Department of Motor Vehicles is so daunting. It does not matter what day of the week or what time you go, there always seems to be a wait. And good luck getting what you need done taken care of if you forget any of the necessary paperwork. Thankfully, the North Dakota Department of Transportation has periodically been placing DMV kiosks throughout the state.

There are now 52 DMV kiosks that North Dakotans can use.

According to KX News, the Department of Transportation has completed its project of placing 44 new kiosks around North Dakota. The kiosks can reportedly be used to "renew a license, request a replacement license or ID card, schedule a road test, pay a reinstatement fee, change an address and edit donor registry information." There are now 52 kiosks available in North Dakota.


  • Kirkwood Mall - 706 Kirkwood Mall
  • Stamart Travel Center (Exit 161) - 3936 Miriam Ave
  • Motor Vehicle Office (NDDOT Transportation Building) - 608 E Boulevard Ave


  • Dan’s Supermarket - 500 Burlington St SE

Why aren't Real IDs available at the kiosks?

KX News reports that North Dakotans can't get Real IDs at the kiosks, but Real IDs can be renewed at the kiosks. But doesn't it make sense to make obtaining a Real ID available on a kiosk? I mean, the DMV was already preparing to be exceptionally busy when the former October 2021 deadline was approaching. Wouldn't it be beneficial for everyone involved to be able to get their Real IDs at the kiosks as well as the DMVs?

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