Donald Trump took the stage at the Bismarck Event Center in front of a plethora of individuals tied to the oil industry to wrap up the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference.

Kevin Cramer, a North Dakota congressman took the stage first. Cramer was recently hired by the Trump campaign as an energy advisor.

"Wow, this is a lot bigger crowd than Bernie Sanders had in town," Cramer proclaimed. "There are more people selling popcorn than Bernie Sanders had at his rally in Bismarck."

After a few brief comments, Trump took the stage to the blaring sounds of Jock Jams. Trump got on stage at 2:17pm following about a 40 minute press conference that began just after 1pm. The press conference had scarcely covered energy.

However Trump began talking about his energy plans quickly into his 43 minute address. He began by addressing the farmers and expressing his appreciation. He then told the crowd at the Bismarck Event Center that he is all about American energy.

"Under my presidency, we'll accomplish a complete American energy independence," Trump said.

Trump went on to criticize democratic front runner Hillary Clinton on her policies as well as criticizing Obama's policies. Trump said Obama "wants us to be dependent on others."

Trump said Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline project even though it would have created 42,000 jobs and would have no impact on the environment. Trump said Clinton would make things worse.

Trump went on to denounce the Paris Climate Accord saying that it allows "foreign bureaucrats to control energy in our country."

"This is your country," Trump continued. "This is your treasure and you the American people are entitled to share in the riches."

Trump discussed fracking saying that Hillary wants to do away with it citing a speech she made in March. Trump says that fracking is important to the American oil industry and that it creates a lot of jobs.

"Here's what she (referring to Clinton) told China as Secretary of State, "Trump said. "'American exports and Chinese experts will work to develop China's natural gas resources.' Working with China. What about working with us? Everyone's working with China. We're gonna work with us and worry about China later," Trump declared.

Trump said money earned from local oil will be used to help rebuild infrastructure, roads and schools. He says it will boost agriculture as well. He went on to say that money would be used to look at alternative energy as well such as wind.

"But not to the exclusion of other forms of energy and other forms of energy that right now are working much better," Trump continued. "The government should not pick winners and losers. Instead, it should remove obstacles to exploration. Any market has its ups and downs."

Trump briefly touched on global warming as well. "We'll solve real environmental problems in our communities," Trump said. "Like the need for clean and safe drinking water."

Trump said he believes in clean air and clean water and will work with conservationists to ensure that our resources remain clean.

At exactly 3pm Trump declared that, "We will make America great again" to a standing ovation and clapped along briefly to Jock Jams before leaving the stage.

Attendees of the speech were greeted outside the Bismarck Event Center by protesters. Trump supporters were shouting, "We want Trump" at the protesters. All confrontations remained civil.

You can listen to the entire speech below:



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