Want to laugh, snicker, and be truly heart warmed for four minutes and twenty six seconds?

Good, then the Heller family has accomplished their goal.  Mom came up with a plan for her quarantining family to pass the time- Let's make a music video!

It wasn't just any video, the Heller family bit into one of the biggest slabs of MTV video cheese ever filmed. They were going after Journey's "Separate Ways".  Now Journey had one of the greatest singers EVER!  Journey had a ton of catchy rock songs and power ballads.  Heck, Journey had this cool guy playing guitar. Just look at this pose!

Journey Begins Second Residency At The Hard Rock In Las Vegas
Getty Images/Photo by Ethan Miller

and he had a bunch more rock poses just like that one.

But, what Journey didn't have? An MTV video that didn't suck a lot!

The worst offender was the video for their hit "Separate Ways".  They did have a keyboard nailed to a building down on the wharf.  They did have imaginary instruments they played while the usual 80's video vamp walked up and down the dock (for some reason)

What they didn't have was the Heller family- and now they do; and the worlds a better place because of it.

So thanks to digg.com here we go- get ready to share this with everyone you've ever known.  The video magic starts with a click here.

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