Let's all take a deep breath, we've almost made it past a horrendous 2020. This past year has been brutal, to say the least - COVID-19 came around in late February and disrupted everything. Lives lost, businesses closed for good, and social distancing became commonplace. Cities all across our nation erupted in protest after a Memorial Day video captured in Minneapolis.

As always, the end of a calendar year brings us hope and encouragement for new resolutions. How can we better ourselves? What kind of goals can we personally set, to go after and accomplish. An article from nytimes.com gives us some good solid advice - "This Year, Try Downsizing Your Resolutions"

Christina Caron writes "After the unpredictable, torrid year we’ve had, the idea of making New Year’s resolutions for 2021 might seem a tad overwhelming. Even if you’re the type of person who is put off by New Year’s resolutions, experts say that in 2021 — or any year, really — writing out one or two specific, small and attainable goals can help develop confidence and a sense of pride, improving your well-being"

The root of her article is to focus on picking "bite-sized" goals that are actually in reach - in other words, Baby Steps. Build up slowly, just don't dive headfirst and expect immediate results ( like getting back into physical shape ).

    Cut yourself some slack. Don't be too hard on yourself if what you planned on attacking in 2021 is going to take longer than you think.

Shorten your list and write it down.  Stay away from added pressure by writing down a lengthy list of resolutions, just choose a few, and then add on as feel more confident.

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