Emotions are understandably escalating in Minnesota as super tight restrictions on their hospitality industry will continue over New Years Eve and days into the new year.  But,  for border cities such as Moorhead and East Grand Forks, it must seem much worse as you can see your customers making a short trip across a bridge for a sit down meal and refreshing cocktail.  Heck, North Dakota just kicked closing time back to 1 AM just in time for New Years Eve celebrations.  Even with returning to regular hours, there are bars across North Dakota that aren't complying with the indoor mask requirements and capacity limits.  There's one bar in Fargo that has been found non-compliant on three different occasions.  Authorities aren't releasing the establishment's name, but I'm sure if you've spent any sort of time in Fargo, you'd have a guess of your own.

But there's more good news for Fargo bars and restaurants in the form of cash kickbacks.  Elected officials in Fargo, right after sitting down for a restaurant meal and one of those refreshing cocktails, have decided to wave utility charges, and provide liquor license rebates. The cost is being covered by the federal recovery fund designated for COVID relief.

As an industry that has been impacted unlike any other- this assistance will be much appreciated by holders of Fargo's 440 licenses for bars and restaurants. Goodness that seems like a whole lotta licenses.  Who knew?

I'm curious if there are any federal funds still available to spread around the rest of the state.  Y'know like here in Bismarck/Mandan?

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