In the year 2003, a killer took the life of a 22-year old Minnesotan Dru Sjodin. This terrible murder made news all over the country. Another case of a human being going about life in their ordinary way, abducted and killed by a madman for no apparent reason.

Dru was vibrant, alive, full of personality, and a big part of her school

Growing up in Minnesota, after graduating from high school she moved to Grand Forks to attend North Dakota University. Dru came to eventually become a part of a sorority and in her free time worked with underprivileged teens.

November 22, 2003

According to, "On the evening of November 22, 2003, after leaving work, 22-year-old Dru went missing. An investigation led police officials to Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., who was arrested on December 1, 2003." The article goes on to say that the suspect was a Level 3 Minnesota registered sexual offender.

Her body was finally found

Not until 5 months after Rodriquez Jr's arrest, Dru Sjodin's body was found just outside Crookston, Minnesota. Almost three years after her disappearance, Alfonso was sentenced to death. He has been on death row waiting for nearly two decades.

Convicted Killer has death sentence thrown out

This unbelievable news from apnews "A federal judge has thrown out the death sentence for a man convicted in the 2003 slaying of a North Dakota college student." The brief news story reported that Judge Ralph Erickson ruled that misleading testimony from a medical examiner fueled his decision.

Really? What about the victims family? This is flat-out wrong

I'm having a serious time believing that AFTER a killer has been through a whole trial, putting the victims family through every awful detail of the murder, a court of law found this man guilty - then giving him the punishment he deserves, to take it back and let him live because of a ticky-tacky technical BS bit of technicality. This monster took away an innocent victim, knew what he was doing was wrong, and produced horrific memories that others will never forget, as long as they live. This Judge has interrupted the fate of what SHOULD be for Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.

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