In a report released by Wallet Hub, North Dakota has some of the highest reports of abuse against the elderly in the United States.

The report, ranks North Dakota No. 45 in the nation overall in terms of the best states with Elder-Abuse protections.

Source: WalletHub

As we dissect the data further things get very interesting. When it comes to the states with the highest amount of elder abuse or elder neglect complaints per resident aged 65 or older, it is among the highest in the nation. Only Wyoming, Rhode Island, California and South Carolina have more complaints.

However, North Dakota was in the top five for states with the most eldercare organizations and services per resident aged 65 or older. North Dakota was also tied for first for states with the most certified volunteer ombudsmen per resident aged 65 or older.

On top of that, North Dakota was ranked No. 1 in terms of the highest nursing home quality.

So despite a lot of individuals around to care for North Dakota's elderly, and despite having the highest nursing home quality in the country, North Dakota still has more complaints of abuse or neglect of the elderly than most other states across the U.S.

The study suggests that despite North Dakota have enough help, it doesn't seem like staff across the country is actually doing enough to help.

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